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  • How does ByOffers affiliate program work?

    Choose between CPA or Revenue Share models and get paid every time a customer uses your affiliate link to place an order on our essay writing website.

  • How to participate in the program?

    In order to sign up with our affiliate program you should fill out the registration form here and provide us with some general information about your traffic sources. Please note that your account will be approved only after a quick Skype chat with an account manager.

  • Who can join ByOffers?

    Any webmaster, blogger or SEO specialist with common understanding of affiliate marketing sphere and hands-on experience in traffic monetization.

  • Are there any registration fees?

    We don't charge any registration fees. Our affiliate program is completely free to join.

  • What countries do you target?

    All our offers are tailored for US, UK, DE, CA, AU, NZ, AE audience.


  • What are your commission rates?

    We offer 3 different advertising models: CPA, Rev Share, Rebills.
    - CPA
    Get paid a fixed amount of $25 for the first order of each new customer you bring.
    - Revenue Share
    Get paid a 55% commission from the first order (average order value is $115).
    - Rebills
    Get paid a fixed amount of $15 for the new order and any reorder of a customer.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal sum?

    Our payout threshold is as low as 50$

  • What are your payment options?

    We pay our affiliates via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire.

  • Any tips on how to maximize my commissions in ByOffers affiliate program?

    It's easy as a pie. The more traffic you send to our landing pages, the more orders you will receive. Hence, the more commissions you will earn.

  • Do you offer 2nd-tier commission?

    We encourage our partners to refer other affiliates to our program by offering generous referral commission rates. With ByOffers you can earn 10% from monthly revenue of each referred partner.

Promotional methods:

  • Who is a potential customer?

    Our target audience is high school, college, university students and applicants.

  • Do you have any restrictions on the traffic?

    We do not accept incentivized traffic and traffic from unsolicited mailing. Please note that we do not tolerate fraud of any kind, thus we reserve the right to freeze the payment, decline conversion or completely block a dishonest affiliate.

  • What months are a better time for a high conversion rate?

    High season occurs between September and December in autumn and between March and June in spring.

  • What kind of promo materials do you provide?

    We have a comprehensive inventory full of beautifully-designed and high-converting banners. Moreover, we provide HTML & WordPress templates for doorway pages and keyword lists upon the first request.

  • Does ByOffers permit mass mailing?

    We do, but you have to get the permission from your account manager first. If we suspect that our affiliate is sending spam mails without permission, we reserve the right to seize their commissions and block the partner without a warning.

  • Do you accept SEO traffic?

    Yes, we do. If you're skilled enough to create and optimize the review website or make a few doorway pages, then you definitely have a good chance of making great profits as our affiliate.

Tracking & statistics:

  • How long do you store cookies?

    Our affiliate cookies last for 90 days.

  • How do I keep track of my performance and commissions?

    Our affiliate program is powered by HasOffers, which is a leading solution in terms of performance marketing and overall attribution analytics. Once your account is approved, you will get the full access to the real-time statistics in your personal account.

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